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Gary - 3 Febrero 04:15

Yes I love all of her))

Alda - 7 Augusto 21:48

For the love of god I would live a long time a really long time m!

Adesso - 28 Julio 12:34

Wait, what is speedbagging ?

Standafer - 11 Noviembre 17:11

I like it when a woman especially a BBW milks a cock with her bare feet because SHE wants to and likes it, and it gets her off because it not only pleases her, but the man she does it to

Fidel - 19 Mayo 14:23

Of course monogamous relationships can be dysfunctional and/or abusive. That doesn't work for anyone! Some things don't work for anyone, like driving 100 miles an hour everywhere you go. And no one is even looking at the feminist issues. How many women in history have had multiple partners or husbands compared to how many men have had multiple wives? Men and women relate to relationships differently. Men are much more likely to desire multiple partners. This isn't good for women. Period.

Jared - 26 Noviembre 19:03

I've made erotic audio clips and posted them to Reddit. I think my last one just passed 500 plays. I don't think there's a cool word for it though.

Jeanna - 19 Marzo 15:07

nice boobies i love it

Anton - 16 Noviembre 04:29

This girl gives good blowjob